Who's Who?

All kinds of people are involved in the life of St James.

Here are some useful names of those who might be able to help you.



Rev Lesley Chapman has been appointed as Priest in Charge from 19th July 2016.

 The Revd George Proud

Curate - retired

Dorothy Dryden - Retired with permission to officiate.

Licensed as a Reader in 2004 and has been an Agricultural Chaplain at Hexham Mart since 2011.


 Peter Ryder


Being a reader at St James – and being trained - has been a rewarding and interesting experience  as part of the Ministry Team in a varied and supportive congregation;  I am still learning. Standing in a pulpit and wearing a frock was not something I ever thought I would end up doing!  I think God likes surprises. I get to play a bit of guitar as well.

Roderick Duff

Church Warden

Sandy Gardner

Church Warden

Michael Pritchard


 All of us in the choir have a delight and joy in singingWe feel that our main role in the church is to enhance the spirituality with our voices.  We sing at every 10 o'clock Sunday service, and spend a few minutes after the service rehearsing for the next week.  If you would like to join us then please just come along and introduce yourself.  You will be made most welcome.

Robert Laws



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