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May 2021  - Oxfam & Lent Soup RECIPE BOOK
The Lent Soup book raised sufficient to make a donation of £1439.50 to support the work of Oxfam's global Cornoavirus response.
Click on the highlighted text to see the letter from Oxfam acknowledging the donation.

March 2021  - Lent Soup RECIPE BOOK
Since it is not possible to hold the the Lent Soup Lunches in their usual form this year, the Lent Lunch Team with widespread support has created a book.     Riding Mill Lent Soup Recipes 2021
This is now on sale price £7, with at minimum of £5 of this going to support Oxfam's Cornonvirus Response Programme.
To order your copy, click on the highlighted text to contact Jenny Mathers by email

January 2021 - St James's Church; Charitable Giving
Click on the button below to open a short document with details of how St James' charitable giving is currently being distibuted and the charities supported.

Digest from most recent PCC meeting

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Intercessors and Readers Rota

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Server & Eucharistic Assistant Duty Rota


Parish Profile (2020)

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